Wednesday, April 20, 2011

San Diego Coastal ride.

went for 40 miles today. it was misty in the morning and i didn't want to get out. i waited for it to get better out. i was going to do the SDBC loop again, but was not sure if i wanted that mileage today. so i figured i'd do an out and back along the coast again. some may call it boring but there are a lot of sights to be seen. i caught some cute blonde a ways into my ride. she asked to suck my wheel. oh, that sounds dirty, i figured it was okay, since there is no bodily contact i kept a steady pace of about 19mph. we chatted quickly at stop signs and she was going to carlsbad. it would make a 40 mile ride for me, but i felt good and towed her home. i never got her name at the end of the ride. i need to remember to introduce myself to people out here. i usually do with the male riders. no, i'm not gay. MARRIED. perhaps we'll ride again if she does the same out and back. i think she called El Guapo "Torrey Grade". if i see her on an out and back, i'll hook up and force her to do it with the promise to tow her back. then again, i probably won't run into her again as i have not seen anyone i have met out here more than once.

after she peeled, i kept going for a few more miles, turned back and stopped at the swami's. while there, someone went past who looked fast and i used that as motivation to catch. i caught him. passed him. dropped him. then the stop lights began and i'm in no rush so i don't run them. he caught me. we chatted. and rode together. i was happy to have someone to ride up el guapo with. wouldn't you know at the last turnoff before el guapo he waves goodbye. PUSSY!!!

im alone and figuring out what to do. first, dont ride over the metal pieces on the road that i ride over every day (tomorrow, i move them off the road!). next, get a good rythym and watch the speed and try and beat yesterday. i had it at 12mph most of the way up which was relatively good compared to previous tries. i slowed at one point, but then jammed at the top. this climb is 3km at 6-8%. i kept a good hard rythym in the 23 most of the way up. no 27 today.

cooled down and almost considered the snake. i this climb is one i used to run. f-ing steep... 20+% at points. maybe tomorrow... i am getting ready for the challenge. i need to lay down a time so i can do it again and try and beat it. oh beat it... that sounds dirty too.

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