Friday, April 15, 2011

No life

i've always said that bloggers have no life. hence, i am blogging each day now. hey, no wife, no kid for three weeks. here is my day. wake up at 6am. walk past my kitchen and go to the full breakfast at the Residence Inn. I learned today, get there at 6am, not 7-730am. too many people and they are all loud. all out mayhem.

i did some work before breakfast, but i'll skip that in the future and take care of emails and coordinating after breakfast next time. it was a bit chilly and i decided to do some work in the morning and head out for a ride a bit later as the weather was going to hit mid-70's. i went out planning about 30 miles today in preparation for tomorrow's big group ride.

early on i saw a group of three guys behind me and i slowed before climb and subsequent downhill. at the end of the downhill, they were gone. then one of the big climbs. i'm going easy today and spinning it out and a guy pulls along side of me. he says he left his two buddies to chase. we chat, "Dave" is cool and invites me to ride to the "Swami" with them. we stopped and waited at the top of the climb where i met Kevin and Steve. Nice riding with them. The swami was a little before i wanted to turn about, but i enjoyed the company, so i figured i could add more on at the end if necessary. Dave was the hammer and we dropped his buds a few times. he was doing the pulling, i don't hammer pulls on group rides that i don't know anyone. i was telling them of the bad winter we had and i'm soooo out of shape (i am). they complimented me on my fitness. so we are riding back and THE BIG CLIMB i did yesterday is looming. some guy on a fixie passes us just prior. dave shoots off. i am not in the mood and he's like 25m ahead at the base. old mike would have attacked to bridge. but, i faltered on this climb yesterday. get in a rythym. i said. i maintained that gap for 3/4 of the climb. we are passing a butt-ton of riders. it is time for my attack. nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! still not there. after 50m, the legs sCREaMed. i'm pedaling squares and Dave is GOOOOOOOOOOOne. that climb is good. it is about 2miles. i'm thinking intervals there once i get my legs. nothing is like it in Scituate. it longer. not as steep as the bottom of Central pike. more like a long version of Chopmist hill. i'd say Vampires graveyard, but that is really steep at the top. this is just loooonger.

anyhow, when dave and i are waiting for stevo and kev, i notice a slash in my new tire (Lionel, i want a refund). slight bulge of the tube protruding. STeve says to patch it and go. i'm like "i'll make it home and figure out what to do." i made it and while i'm getting my credit card and id the bike is baking out of sides and i hear "BLAM". crap, that is a $6 tube. so now i just shower and walk to the bike shop.

UCCyclery in La Jolla. nice place. they remembered me and faxed a invoice to the wifenator for my destructoid bike carrier. i bought a dagnabit tire too. we discuss a patch, but i was skeptical. Guisseppe the mechanic said "buy a new tire". I agreed, but the cheap part of me wanted to wait. i have so many damn tires in the basement. he said he'd put it on, but i didn't want to buy another tube since i had a half dozen back at RESIDENCE INN. i can do that lickety split. if i brought a tube with me i'd have him do it cuz i'm lazy.

okay, back to home, i'm cooking up a saute today. ckn, peppers, onion, garlic, hot peppper with some gluten free pasta in olive oil. it was bland. i added a little salt and pepper. still not to my liking. ok, add some white wine. Nope. Balsamic vinegar??? okay, some flavor. honestly, i thing Seasame was the thing to add, or some italian spices. i have none. it was okay. not my best, but it sustains life. i'm just sad i wasted some wine.

hey, if you read this (other than zen), comment... i have emailed many so far to let them know i am doing this dang blog vs. send out email updates.

am i wasting time? i hope to add video and or garmin stuff. we shall see.

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