Monday, March 21, 2011

Plainville #3

Most of the boys lined up for the 45+ race this week and it was Big Papi, JRod, and myself in the 3/4 race. No plan for me, no warm up meant i was doing NOTHING for the first half of the race and I stuck to that.

Papi attacked a few times mid-race. I countered. CLR shut everything down. On the second prime, one CLR up the road, I got good position on the CLR train. Not good enough though to take the final prime.

As the race progressed, I made one more attempt. I was with a Team Edge guy and a CLR. CLR dude wanted no part of the break and it was apparent why. His team was at the front bringing us back. No sense in another attack.

At two to go, I fought for position on the leader's jersey (CLR). I was sitting third wheel coming to the final corner and was looking at a good finish. This is where luck came and offered me an even better spot and I threw it all away and got a whole lotta nuthin'.

JRod came shooting by on the outside and I grabbed his wheel. I should have held onto him, and gone for the "W". I probably would have had no worse than third, but in my finite wisedom, I sat up going into the final corner to "bump" JROD. A rookie mistake as he put in a big effort to get to the corner. He got swarmed and ended up 6th while I was about 10th. DUMB!

In the 45's, the goal was to get MM back in the jersey. Eric got off the front and mike tried to get to him. they sat up when the leader got to them and eric took off again. He would almost lap the field, but eased up so he could get all the prime points.

Mike went for the second place prime (2pts) on the second sprint. JT was a little up the road for a few laps. Mike separated from the field and had it easy if JT looked back. Mike was hollaring. Teamates on the sidewalk were yelling to "hit the brakes". He was all inside out after a few laps away and took the points.

Eric won the race. A small break got away late that Artie the Polish Hammer got into. He ended up third while some of the break was absorbed in the sprint. Mike got fourth and the leader fifth. Mike only made up one point with a week to go. He's gonna have to work it (He's down 5). Eric is not mathematically out of it after getting max points this week. The team is going to have to really lay it down and make the leader work next week.

Mike will have to go for both primes and we'll have to get second in the primes. Then we need to have mike win and have a few guys in between.

On another note, i've been playing with some video editing SW and I may have plainville #2 edited soon.