Sunday, December 19, 2010

St. Lucia

After yesterday's ride, i decided to stay in today and watch football. BUT! i planned a "race" with M2 online with our elite trainers. we chose St. Lucia Pocal as the course.

2 miles sort of downhill, then the 6 mile climb (really steep) and then a raging downhill to the finish (with a little half mile climb not so steep at the end).

our connection was junky and i couldn't get data from m2. he was getting stuff from me. anyhow, as expected, he got a big lead when we hit the climb, then i flew by him on the ascent (we suspect calibration issues), he closed on the big decent, but i won by about 4 minutes. he tends to kill me on the flats and downhills. i tend to crush him going up. sort of counter indicative of our respective riding styles. it is interesting that i always feel i am climbing much faster than i should be a certain gradient. we might try swapping units and see what happens.

i still love the elite trainer though. i like the video aspect. i am wondering how they do it. i just bought a helmet cam and can record data from rides. if i can synch them, i can do all my local routes. that would be cool.