Thursday, April 7, 2011

Millions and Millions and Zen


i don't blog regularity. Zen master buddha is my only follererer. but, i have a buncha things to sayeth.

1. i'm phat. yah, a winter of injuries, family commitements, yardwork have killed me. i am headed to SDiego for 10 weeks until july w/o family. so it is either get a girlfriend or make love to my bike.

NOTE: the wife shipped out the bike to the hotel. i'll go from 3hrs a week to whatever i can do. I love you wife!!!

2. pia out on American Idol... shocked and chagined. i canna belive it. she's hot, but did have a bad week. that stephano drives me crazy. GO HALEY.

Note: AM is my guilty pleasure. better than watching those sox. PUKE!!!

3. government shutdown. those danabit politicos are LOSERS. the dems had a chance to pass a budget in the fall. they chickened out due to ELECTIONS. more later on this. just get it done.

i'm tired. more later.


ps, i forgot to thank zen for a nice night of bikes.

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