Monday, April 18, 2011

Crash and Burn

Sunday was pretty slow, i recovered from the SDBC ride and did 30 miles solo, nice and easy and drove to my cousin's house to watch RedSox and Celtics and enjoy his wife's cooking. It was a good day.

Today I awoke to misty rain. I ate a late breakfast and decided to do my admin work in the morning and hope the stuff burned off by noon. No rain, but misty so i set out for the Swami ride with plans to do some intervals.

I didn't see many riders today. I bombed down El Guapo noting the mileage at the start and once again forgot to get the exact mileage from top to bottom.

I then do a set of intervals and my last sprint was almost over. well of course if was my last, but it was my last PLANNED sprint as well. I'm 5 seconds from the end. i look down at the timer and...

If you crash and there is no one there to see it? did you crash???

ANSWER: YES. You have road rash, you need a new helmet, a rip in your arm warmer, blood ooozing through your bibs... need i go on? oh yeah somehow my bottle cage broke off and the bolt broke so i cannot put it back on. GReat.

I missed a bump in the road and my hand slipped off the hoods due to the misty air and i went down. i was alone. i did not take anyone else out. i was actually fine and could have finished my planned route, but my lid was seriously damaged, so i rode back to UC Cyclery in La Jolla. They hooked me up with a new bar end cap and a i bought a new helmet. so far, i really like this shop. everyone is really helpful and friendly. by now, i should start getting a discount. i wish the dude that i dealt with the last two times were there. i'm getting to be regular status. i've spent more money with them this year than my LBS (kudos to Ten Speed Spokes Newport, RI).

anyhow, i'm sore and have no aspirin, but i have a few beers left. if i am not too bad tomorrow, i am going to do the Saturday loop or a long ride up the coast.


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