Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Riding and Drinking

All I do out here is ride, work and drink beer. not a bad life if i have to be away from the family. i wasn't going to buy anymore beer this week as i am flying on friday back to NE. i was going to go to the local brewery and grab a beer to satisfy my "needs". but i stopped in at the local deli and they have quite a selection of microbrews. Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe IPA for under $6. i cannot be that bad. in fact, it was quite nice. probably less than i would have spent at the Rock Bottom Brewery for one beer. if i have to, i'll store it at a friends house for the next week till i come out. no worries, he is mormon and doesn't drink! WaHoo! Ya know all the talk about Mitt Romney being mormon. I think I have more friends/acquaintances/relatives (by marriage) who are mormon. they are not as crazy as the mainstream media or our religions make them out to be. hell, i'm crazy and i know crazy.

yesterday, i did the elfin forest again. 56 miles. i was dead at 30. just a bad day. i managed though. today, i did the SDBC Saturday ride and really slammed the hill 12 miles in that breaks up the group. if positioned well, it really is no problem. i jammed it from pretty much bottom to top. it isn't that long. last week, i missed the lead group, got through everyone, but realized that i was going to have to chase solo so i sat up a little on the climb and waited for the next group just behind. they would have caught me right after the climb, so why waste energy. my endurance is the problem so being alone in the wind really isn't the best thing.

saw a lot of folks riding today. i see lots of groups in the opposite direction, but can never catch one going my speed. once a group caught me from behind at the start of my ride and i was able to hook up with them.

i was riding well and came up on a tri-guy. he had a sweet cervelo. real chatty. he told me i looked tired and slow. whatever. he was going 19mph with a tailwind. i got bored and went to the front. i dropped him. he seemed nice, a bit arrogant though. we did converse after i got stuck at a light. he sprinted by me and lifted the pace. i got on and was happy to have someone to ride with. but he slowed again and dropped off the pace. hey, it made me feel good. i know when i go back to the east coast, those guys are going to kick my butt. no way i can whip my butt into shape in just three weeks.

i'm riding tomorrow then pretty much taking the week off till I return to soCal a week from monday.

I did come up on a girl by the beach wearing a string bikini today. ooooh. you don't get that at Scarbourough Beach!

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  1. I want to hear more about the women. Post some pictures.