Friday, May 13, 2011


i returned to san diego late on monday and started riding again. i did the SDBC ride solo on tuesday for 45 miles. my speed is slow, but steady. then i mapped out a nice hilly 60 miler that combine my elfin magic loop with the SDBC ride. the routes overlap so it worked well. funny thing is i never realized it. they intersect in a few spots, but you are either crossing paths or going in the other direction. i hadn't noticed.

yesterday was another 50 miler. today i was sort of shot and was going to just ride to swami's and back for 30 miles. i battled a headwind all the way there. it was cloudy and cold. but i wanted to stay out a little longer so i rode up to carlsbad. i turned and was lethargic. some dude actually caught me from behind. he was moving at 22 mph vs. my 18. i sucked wheel to get home fast. he was jamming the uphills. at the next set of lights, we started chatting. he was cool. too bad he lived up in carlsbad. i meet a lot of people, just no one to ride with. this dude pushed me. we both complained about our fitness. as we approached the climb at torrey pines, he said he was going to do it and turn around. WHY NOT TURN BACK AT THE BOTTOM!! SH!T he put me in a world of hurt. we were going about 2-3mph faster than i do alone. i saw my hr at 99% the only time i looked.
okay make it to the speed limit sign. make it to the corner, make it to the no parking sign. make it to the pothole i always ride over (missed it today)...

he got out of the saddle three times and accelerated. crap. i responded each time, staying seated and spinning faster. he wasn't trying to drop me, but man it HURT.

at the top we gave a high five and went our separate ways. thanks for the motivation.