Friday, May 21, 2010

Flandis and Bike to work

Today is National Bike to Work Day. It is the start of my once a week commute to work via the bicycle. Normally, this isn't a big deal for people. I used to do it all the time. However, it is a 40 mile commute that begins in the farm country, heads through the inner city of Providence, I hop on the East Bay Bike path and zip down the coast. I get to go over the Mt Hope bridge where I got three flats last year, then down into Newport.

Normally, the morning commute is nice as I leave the house at 4:30AM all lit up like a Christmas tree. The first 5 miles is down hill then through the city. No cars for at least 45 minutes. Coming home sucks going through the city at rush hour and then climbing to finish the ride.

Today I opted to take the Cross bike since the lights were already on it. I figured it would be less susceptible to flats. I also had to carry my laptop in today and had a HEAVY backpack. So, in effect, I was about 25 minutes slower than normal at 2:25 ride time. My back was a bit sore. I usually carry nothing but extra tubes since I keep a change of clothes in my office all the time. My legs are sore, I'm tired.

They are doing a group ride at work today at lunch to celebrate Bike To Work Day. A lot of people brought their bikes in to do the ride. The thing is, they brought them in their cars. WTF?!?!?! What is the point. I don't think I'll do it. They are gonna take a photo of the group for the newsletter. I'll catch holyhell all dressed in spandex.

I like to do it once a week in the summer as a way to get in 80 miles of riding w/o really effecting family time. I figure I save about $6 in gas cost plus $2 in tolls.

I'll continue next week. It won't be on a day I have my computer at home, and it won't be on the cross bike, or I'll need EPO to give me the strength.

Speaking of EPO and PEDs. How about that Flandis??? When this all occured, I thought that what he was accused of was not of benefit to him that day and gave him a pass. Plus the labwork was really shoddy. Upon further review, I found I may be incorrect, but still, the lab work was really bad. I felt, even if guilty, he should walk. LABs need to be held accountable. If he walked, they would tighten controls and be even better. This would benefit the sport more in the long run.

Flandis denied. He wroted a book. He solicited money from fans for the defense. ...Lies. ...Lies.

Is he gonna refund the cash he STOLE from fans. Hell, he lied to them. Sold them innocence when guilt was truely the case.

What a clown. Now he is naming names. I don't care. You are doing it for personal reasons and your word is trash anyhow. You should have been like others (Millar) and come clean. Served your sentence, come out against other doping (w/o naming names), and all would have been forgiven.

Instead you followed Tyler's lead. Maybe you are his vanishing twin. Now go vanish.


  1. I agree 100% with everything you wrote about landis.

  2. Yah, he disappoints me. I wanted to believe him so bad. I heard he collecte a half a million for his defense. cripes. i could use that. that money was wasted on lawyers for no reason other than ego.

    maybe he plans on returning every last cent.